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Release date:
31 May, 2018

Unity 3D




Spacetris is a 2D arcade space shooter where you build your spaceship from blocks. You can fly around, shoot enemies, use different weapons and fight your way to the next space station to upgrade and rebuild your ship. Each block has a different function, and you can build your ship accordingly. From versatile ships through all-rounders to ships with massive firepower. And you choose which way to go. Defeat waves of enemies to get to the boss, and rebuild your ship after each boss fight. You can buy new blocks for money you earn by destroying enemies. Be careful! Any block you lose during combat is lost forever. You must retain most of your blocks after each fight if you want to stand a chance against the final boss.


Initial idea

The initial idea came to us during the Windows 10 GameJam on 16 May 2015 in Bratislava where we prototyped the earliest Spacetris version. This version allowed the player to enjoy a fast-paced combat in space. In control of a spaceship made out of blocks the players was able to destroy similar enemy ships and enhance his own by attaching their blocks.


Following this earliest version we spent a year and a half of part-time gamedesign, enhancing our vision and defining our game mechanics, after which we jumped to almost a 1.5-year full-time development period.


Spacetris was released on 31 May 2018.


  • Build - Build the ship you want to fly. Quick action or massive firepower — it's entirely up to you! You can upgrade shields, engines, different types of weapons or even your hull to withstand massive amounts of damage.
  • Fight - Fight with what you build. Shoot through hordes of enemies and defeat the boss! Do you prefer sniping from a distance or close-range destruction?
  • Adapt - Protect your precious ship. Receiving minimal damage and keeping most of your blocks is vital. Enemies know what you have installed in your ship and will adapt their behavior for even greater challenge.


Spacetris Teaser YouTube



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Spacetris Credits

Marek Mrva
Development & Tech Support

Michal Ferko
Business & Development

Martin Pikulík

Matúš Ždanský

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